4 Reasons Your Best Fulfillment Provider Might Not Be On Page One of Google

Google searchWhen you’re looking for a new fulfillment provider, you may find yourself turning straight to Google and checking out the search results to get a better idea of who you want to turn to. Around 33% of the search traffic on any given results page goes to the first site listed. Less than 10% of searchers make it past that first page. While Google has some great algorithms in place that help ensure that you’re getting excellent results in that first page, the best fulfillment provider for you might not be on page one of Google.

1. Page one is made up of the providers with the biggest ad budget. Google’s algorithm is based on a variety of factors, from links back to the page to the content created by a specific website. Building those things is part of a solid inbound marketing plan, but it takes both time and money to accomplish those things. Paid ads can also help boost organic search placement. That means that for the most part, the companies that you’ll find on Google’s first page are the companies with the biggest advertising budget–not necessarily the companies who will be best at handling your needs.

2. Page one is typically made up of the providers who have been established the longest. Established companies are great. They have a lot of experience in fulfillment and know how to handle plenty of the common problems that may arise throughout your experience. They’ve also had more time to create the content that improves their SEO, which is what gets them those great organic search rankings. The biggest fulfillment providers, however, aren’t always necessarily the best ones for your specific needs. With a smaller company, you’ll get more individualized attention. You’ll be more likely to deal with a single individual who knows all about your account, and when there is a problem, it will be less difficult to hunt down the person who knows the solution.

3. There are thousands of companies to choose from. Fulfillment companies come in a variety of shapes and sizes with many different offerings. There may be specific things that you want from your fulfillment provider, such as:

  • Full-service returns for customers
  • Comfort handling fragile items, food items, or other items that are, for whatever reason, more difficult to ship
  • A company that can handle your anticipated growth over the next several years

It may be difficult to find the company that you’re looking for through Google alone–especially if you’re basing your decision on that first page of search results, which will only hold around 10-15 companies out of the thousands that could potentially handle your fulfillment needs.

4. You’re looking for a company that specializes in fulfillment, not advertising. If you were looking for a marketing professional to handle your inbound marketing needs, finding a company that ranks on the first page of Google’s search results would be important. Being able to accomplish that, however, requires marketing expertise that many fulfillment companies simply don’t have. You want them to be focused on fulfillment, not on fixing up their latest marketing efforts!

There are plenty of hidden gems that will never appear on the first page of Google’s search results. Only a handful of the thousands of available companies can claim those key positions, and those aren’t necessarily the companies with the most experience or the greatest customer service. They just happen to be the ones that have the biggest marketing budget available, the largest content library, and the best ability to get themselves seen. When what you want is a fulfillment company that will go the extra mile for you and your customers, don’t turn to the first page of Google! Instead, contact us to learn more about how we can help you make the most of your fulfillment services.

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