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An Entrepreneurial Dream is Born!


A few years ago Robert Peck, Jonathan Kinas, and Avin Samtani were chasing the money working for very prominent companies. They were the type of positions that most people would envy, but something just didn’t feel quite right. They had the secret urge to open up a company of their own – and when the opportunity presented itself, they jumped in with both feet.

The entrepreneurial dream began when they took a trip to one of the finest hotels in South Beach. The group decided to spend some time swimming, and reluctantly hid their belongings under their towels and in their shoes. Literally only a few feet away the whole time, and constantly looking over their shoulders someone still managed to steal all their stuff. Their worst vacation nightmare had come true. And while the pain of the lost possessions stung, there was a far greater silver lining that they didn’t expect – it became the inspiration for the new company. After all, they thought, “There should be something you can put your values into so you can lock them up and go for a swim.”

After a search revealed that such a product didn’t exist, the Aqua Vault was born. Robert, Johnathan, and Avin invented a PATENTED PORTABLE BEACH SAFE called the Aqua Vault. The Aqua Vault attaches to your lounge chair and locks on with a 3 digit personal combination lock. Aqua Vault is being used at hotels, resorts and beaches around the world!

Success Brings Challenges

Robert and his team had no idea of the success that they would achieve early on in the business. The company has been featured on NBC's The Today Show, Fox News, HSN, ABC's Secret Sales and more. Furthermore, the company currently sells over 100 countries all over the world – a very impressive feat for three friends who created this company entirely on their own.

But success hasn’t come without its own set of challenges. In particular, the company had some issues with its logistics processes. Like many growing companies, Aqua Vault uses an outsourced strategy for their warehousing and fulfillment operations. Unfortunately, their fulfillment center was expensive, unorganized, and lacked any sort of technological integration. The company had to manually send emails asking for tracking information– which would come back in random emails, making customer service close to impossible. Furthermore, Robert and his team received vague invoices with no breakdown.

The Fulfillment Solution

The team at Aqua Vault knew first hand how difficult it was to select a fulfillment company. In the beginning, the company that was giving them loads of trouble promised and assured them that they would do a good job. In fact, this is what almost every fulfillment company is going to tell you in the beginning. So, they thought, how can they be assured that the company they select will do what they promise and actually perform up to standards at a reasonable cost?

One day, while surfing the web, Robert stumbled upon Intrigued by the thought of being able to provide some brief information and get intelligently connected with companies that were thoroughly screened, he completed a request and was matched with several quality firms. Ultimately, he ended up selecting one of the connections.

The Results Speak for Themselves

With its new fulfillment company, Aqua Vault has realized over 40% savings on warehouse and fulfillment fees and shipping costs. In addition, the company now easily fulfills web orders automatically. They get detailed invoices with full breakdowns and have access to a web based system that has all the order features, inventory breakdowns, and tracking information they could ever need. Robert and his team are also working with the fulfillment company by continually searching for shipping discounts to reduce costs even further.

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