Consider Pennsylvania in Your Search for a Fulfillment Services Company

Pennsylvania Fulfillment Services Companies Pennsylvania is a Northeast state with several benefits for companies needing a fulfillment location. It is centrally located for serving the Northeast and the East Coast. Plus, it is near many major U.S. cities, such as Cleveland, New York, Baltimore, Indianapolis and Detroit.

Fulfillment in Philadelphia is A Low Cost Solution to NYC

The greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area offers a great alternatives to locating your fulfillment services in the New York City area. Oftentimes, the cost of not only warehouse storage space, but also labor is significantly lower in Pennsylvania than in New York. Furthermore, there are many cities in the eastern part of Pennsylvania that have great, high quality fulfillment firms – such as Allentown, Reading, and Wilkes-Barre.

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Fulfillment Companies

Another great and vibrant city to try is Pittsburgh, now with a population of over 2 million people. It's located at the junction of three rivers, giving you potential waterway deliveries when necessary. Because there aren't many options in this city, you might try neighboring OH as well to open up additional options (fulfillment companies in Cleveland, Akron or even Columbus could be viable alternatives).

Harrisburg Pennsylvania Fulfillment Centers

Along the Susquehanna River is Harrisburg, giving you another great byway to potentially ship items by river. Giving you a more central spot in Pennsylvania to reach some of the inner cities, it's one to consider if you can't find anything in the bigger cities above.

More than Just an Alternative for East Coast Shipping

When it comes to shipping, many people don't consider this state. Pennsylvania actually has six ports. One of these is a harbor on the banks of Lake Erie, which makes it a great location for companies who want to do business with Canada. This port is located, specifically, near the Ontario and Quebec boarders. Canadian companies in Ontario and Quebec may also find Pennsylvania an ideal spot for their U.S. fulfillment center. Furthermore, central and western Pennsylvania offers some great areas for fulfillment location – such as Harrisburg in the center of the state and Pittsburgh in the west.

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