Does Your Online Business Need Chat Commerce? Personalizing Customer Communication

ChatbotPersonalizing communication with customers is something that you’ve likely worked hard to accomplish this year, though the methods you’ve used still lack critical elements. Nowadays, customers want quicker means of being able to communicate with your company if a problem arises. The old methods of phone calls, emails, or even snail mail inquiries are far too slow to get an issue resolved quickly.

Today’s consumers don’t have patience to let a concern go unsolved for weeks, days, or even hours. It’s why if you’re going to open a communication portal to them, real-time chat commerce is the best approach.

Of course, you have to ask yourself: does your online business need chat commerce? Using the words “chat commerce” might sound overly new to you, yet it simply refers to brand and retailers using chatbots or messaging apps to support their customers.

These help your customers search for products, place orders, track orders, or help on returns. Let’s look at what these virtual assistants do and how to cement customer relationships.

Real-Time Chatbots

No doubt you’ve seen real-time chatbots that pop up automatically on many websites. They’re an invaluable way for a customer to inquire about something and get an immediate answer from a chat representative. While the chatbot can come up automatically with an automated “How can I help you?” message, your chat operators can take care of any problems instantly.

These are ideal if you expect customers to ask a lot of questions about your products, especially when the latter have complex features. The sooner you can get any customer questions answered, the better.

At one time, this had to occur through social media to work. Now chatbots are a major answer to personalizing all your customer communications. They can even get used when there’s a problem with orders and a customer needs fast information.

Messaging Apps

You’ll want to try out message apps as well, which are easy to upload on mobile devices. With so many customers on the go now, using messaging apps can change the game in communication. Some products you sell may cater to those who have to travel often. They may need to research a product on a mobile device during a work day and make a fast, educated decision on what to buy.

If they find you have a messaging app, they’ll find out information quickly from a chat representative. This gives you an immediate leg up on any competitors who may not use these apps often enough. Regardless, with so many messaging apps and virtual assistants out there, which one is the best for your business style?

Some of the Best Messaging Apps Today

Dozens of messaging apps are available, but WhatsApp is one of the best for easy use on Android and iOS phones. With easy setup and an ad-free platform, you can start using this almost immediately. It offers texts, photos, voice contact, and video messages to keep in full contact with customers when it’s necessary.

While you might consider WhatsApp unbeatable, it has many equals. Google Hangouts are still a good place to connect with groups of people all at once, especially when wanting to discuss your products in-depth.

Facebook Messenger is another great option, which just builds on Facebook’s current chat network and mobile features. One great feature on Facebook Messenger is their “Chat Heads” feature, allowing you to chat with customers while you have other apps up on your screen.

What’s important is to find a messaging app or virtual assistant with as many communication options as possible. Customers are going to have their own preferences for how they want to contact you, and vice versa. In this regard, give them as much choice as you do payment methods.

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