E-Commerce Fulfillment Checklist to Integrate Your Cart

E-Commerce Fulfillment Checklist to Integrate Your Cart

Integrating your e-commerce shopping cart is an excellent way to help cut out the middleman between the client placing their order on your web page and the order being processed and shipped out. Having your shopping cart communicate with your e-commerce fulfillment company offers faster turnaround time and that means happier customers who get their orders sooner. This checklist represents what goes into the process of integrating your shopping cart.

  • Research needs based on current customer ordering capabilities including shopping cart layout and design, inventory management methods, and shipping method available.
  • Integrate shopping cart and fulfillment by creating a customized connection through an application programming interface (API).
  • Implement changes to allow customers to start using the advanced shopping cart interface with advanced capabilities to enhance client satisfaction.
  • Create an automated process in place to send out shipping tracking information as soon as possible, so that your customers will have full scope on their order as it progresses through the shipping process. Emails branded with your company logo further drive home your brand to customers.
  • Find a company that has already integrated with shopping carts, as they’ll be much more experienced in the many nuances of e-commerce fulfillment (click here to view our guide on everything you need to know about ecommerce fulfillment.
  • Ask for a demo of the interface and any reporting so that you can see the system first hand and address any specific needs that you may have, such as changes to orders, customizing logos on packing slips, and how shipping tracking information will be processed.
  • Ensure that there is an adequate process in place for orders that change before being shipped. You know the scenario – a customer calls in frantic after placing an order, only to ask you to change that medium t-shirt to a large! If you’re processing orders in real time, this can be a challenge dealing with orders, and often leads to extra time picking and re-picking orders, as well as the likely chance of error due to manual intervention.
  • Spend adequate time testing and modifying your e-commerce store to determine ways to increase business. Simple changes, such as a quick follow up call after cart abandonment, can lead to an increase in sales.

Benefits for Your Company

Benefits for your company include less worrying and less time spent with e-commerce fulfillment and order processing while being able to track inventory more effectively, ability to track orders more easily and with greater accuracy.

Benefits for Your Client

Better customer experience with possible real-time shipping rate information will enhance your customer’s experience on your site. Added ability to follow product availability and enhanced order tracking capabilities will better your servicing of your customer’s routine requests.

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