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Phoenix Arizona Fulfillment Companies

When you think of Arizona, you may think of the Grand Canyon or desert vistas, but this state is actually a great place to base your West Coast fulfillment center. This is mostly due to low costs, high quality service and availability. Here are some things to consider.

It's obvious Arizona has good weather most of the year, so that's always a major plus if you want your fulfillment center to stay away from natural disasters. One of the biggest threats to your 3PL is facing volatile weather and possibly affecting operations.

Your warehouse has to keep operating at all times, sometimes 24/7 if you're dealing with continual e-commerce.

Plus, you're not far away from major western states like California to cover higher populations. With Mexico at the southern border, you're also set up to reach Mexican markets in just one day. UPS noted about five years ago already that shipping goods across the Mexican-U.S. border is now faster and easier than ever.

Arizona Provides Low Labor Costs

Want to save money on your fulfillment operation? Arizona has the lowest labor costs in the nation. It is also ranked as one of the states with lowest costs of doing business. This is mostly due to low taxes and a small state government. If you're thinking of basing your fulfillment in California, Arizona is a more affordable alternative.

Phoenix Arizona Fulfillment Provides Quality Service

Arizona workers are ready and willing to perform quality work. Arizona is ranked #2 as the top state for workforce quality and availability. This means that your products will be treated with the care they deserve. Furthermore, the driving distance between southern California and Phoenix is only about 6 hours, meaning that overseas freight can be brought into Phoenix at a reasonable shipping rate in order to take advantage of the low labor costs and quality labor pool of Arizona.

Tucson is an option for Fulfillment

Located in the Sonoran Desert, Tucson's continually mild weather makes it excellent for visiting here when you come and visit your fulfillment center.

Scottsdale Fulfillment Providers

You'll find Scottsdale just east of Phoenix, bringing you a good logistics setup for quick shipments into nearby big cities almost the same day. A lot of fulfillment centers are available in this city.

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