Fulfillment Service Companies in Hawaii

Fulfillment Service Companies in HawaiiLocated in the Pacific Ocean, the State of Hawaii is a beautiful if not remote location for your fulfillment services. Much like Alaska, many of the goods warehoused in Hawaii are intended to stay in-state to serve the local population.  As a result, fulfillment in Hawaii is a great option if your merchandise is to remain on the islands. Because most goods used in Hawaii are imported, the state has become adept at fulfillment.

Hawaii is easily accessible via air and water, and the Hawaiian Islands have a vast network of roads to make transportation throughout each island seamless.

Honolulu Hawaii Fulfillment Centers

Hawaii’s state capitol and largest city, Honolulu is also the southernmost city in the United States. With the population of the Honolulu metro area around 390,000, the city is a major hub for commerce and import / export.

Located on the Island of Oahu, Honolulu is served by highways H2, H3, and H201. It also has air access through Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, which offers both commercial and freight flights.

Honolulu is also home to Honolulu Harbor, the state’s largest freight port.

Maui Hawaii Fulfillment Services

Located on the Island of Maui, Kahului Harbor is a small port that offers drayage for cargo on-island. The port is also home to the island’s airport, Kahului Airport and it is said that everyone entering Maui must go through the port, no matter how they arrive.

Though Maui is not a major hub, it still requires a harbor for processing freight to distribute supplies throughout the island.

Maui is served by highways 37, 311, and 360.

Hawaii Fulfillment Houses

Also known as the “The Big Island,” the Island of Hawaii is a popular place for both inbound and outbound freight shipments. The island’s major port, Hilo Bay is another major hub for inbound and outbound cargo. Hawaii is served by Hilo International Airport and Kona International Airport, though many of the flights to these airports originate at the Daniel K. Inouye airport on the Island of Oahu.

Hawaii has several major roadways due to its size, including 180, 190, 11, and 30.

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