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Fulfillment Boise Idaho

Once famous for potatoes, Idaho has busted out of the farming stigma and has become one of the fastest growing states in the union. Stars, like Oprah, have winter homes there and the economy is booming, making it an ideal state to locate your fulfillment operation.

Officially the Gem State, it's a NW state nestled conveniently to reach all the NW, West Coast, and Midwest within a day. Like nearby states to the north, you're also not far away from Canada to reach those valuable markets.

The safety record in Idaho is usually exceptional. Perhaps you've never considered the natural disaster prospect when it comes to the fulfillment center you choose. Idaho isn't usually known for having as many natural disasters as other regions. It's always better off to pick a safe state for your 3PL since you need to keep your fulfillment center running at all times. If they close down, then you don't get your packages delivered to customers.

Fulfillment Centers in Boise Idaho - a Hub for Rec Tec Companies and Beyond

Currently, Idaho is the up and coming state for the recreation technology industry. This is no surprise, since the state is home to so many recreation locations, such as ski resorts, sand dunes, lakes, deserts, hot springs and snowy mountains. The various terrain types allow producers to field test products near their fulfillment center. The city of Boise is making significant investment in the recreational technology industry and in businesses on the whole, trying to attract new start-ups and growing businesses to Idaho. The city is also just a couple of hundreds miles away from Oregon and Washington to reach all your NW customers.

Coeur d'Alene Fulfillment Services

At a population of 44,000, this city along I-90 takes you right into Washington State to the west. Some popular fulfillment centers are located in this general area.

Idaho Falls Fulfillment Houses

As the largest city in Eastern Idaho, you'll see that many Idaho cities have lower populations, making it a little easier to find good 3PL's here.

Pocatello - Another Idaho Fulfillment Option

In the southeast corner of Idaho is Pocatello, with a population of approximately 54,000. This is another charming city, one of many in Idaho that you'll love to visit when you come to meet with your 3PL's staff. It's important to do some personal inspections of your fulfillment center to see what's really going on internally. You'll still want to make sure your screening is out of the way long before you come in for an inspection.

Idaho Fulfillment is a Good Option for Canadian Companies

Since Idaho shares a border with Canada, it is the perfect state choice for Western Canadian companies that want to do business with the U.S.  It is particularly a good fulfillment location for companies based in Alberta, since Alberta and Idaho are right next to each other, but is also well positioned for Canadian companies within the British Columbia region.

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