Fulfillment Service Companies in Michigan

Michigan & Detroit Fulfillment Companies

Thinking of locating your fulfillment operation in Michigan? This state is a good choice for companies looking to do business with Toronto or other areas in Canada due its location as a Canadian border state. Michigan has nine international border crossings in all. Its prime location also allows this state to ship items using fresh water ports. Michigan has 38 deep water ports. This gives Michigan a distinct advantage, since this is more ports than all the other Great Lake states have, combined.

Michigan Fulfillment is Newly Affordable

This state may be a more affordable location than you think. Though formerly an expensive place to do business, Michigan is now implementing new tax laws and other improvements that are quickly lowering the cost of doing business. Lower costs means more reasonable fulfillment fees. Furthermore, what was once a booming manufacturing hub due to the automotive industry is now an economical labor pool of ready to serve fulfillment service providers.

Detroit, Michigan Fulfillment

Everyone knows about Detroit, the largest city in the state. One of the great cities of innovation, both in the auto industry and music (Motown), you won't have trouble finding fulfillment centers in the area. More companies are utilizing Detroit as a central point for their nationwide distribution program, including U.S. manufacturers and retailers that ship products all throughout the United States. Detroit is close to other large hubs, such as Chicago, and is also in close proximity to large population centers in the Eastern U.S. Some other areas to consider in greater Detroit are:

  • Warren
  • Dearborn
  • Ferndale
  • Sterling Heights
  • Troy
  • Rochester Hills

Ann Arbor Fulfillment Warehouses 

Just west of Detroit is Ann Arbor with a population of 113,934. With a slightly lower population, you can find just as many fulfillment centers without the intense competition like in Detroit. Sometimes, when companies are looking outside of Detroit, they might also consider Flint, as it does offer some options for fulfillment services companies.

Grand Rapids Fulfillment Warehouses 

Located along the Grand River and east of Lake Michigan, you're also just across the lake to states like Wisconsin. You're also not too far away from popular cities like Kalamazoo to the south.

Lansing Fulfillment Warehouses 

The capital of Michigan is worth trying as well. Lansing has roughly 114,000 people and isn't far away from key cities, including Detroit.

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