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Nevada Fulfillment Services Companies

Best known as the home for vice industries, Nevada is the perfect location for a fulfillment center if your industry is gaming and lodging. Nevada has the most hotel rooms per capita in the United States and it is no secret that Nevada's biggest cities, Reno and Las Vegas, are the county's biggest casino towns.

However, these aren't the only industries that are welcome in Nevada, though. You may find that Nevada is a great place to locate your business, due to its strategic location in the Western US and affordability versus other Western states, such as California.

Fulfillment in Las Vegas and Reno Nevada May be More Cost Effective than California

If California is where your current fulfillment center resides, or you are thinking of choosing California for your fulfillment base, you may want to consider Nevada. Nevada has the same west coast convenience, but at a lower cost than California. For example, Nevada's property prices are nearly 50 percent lower than similar properties in California. Lower prices in areas such as real estate mean lower fulfillment prices passed on to you through storage rates. Furthermore, Nevada wage rates and tax laws are more conducive to business, and can help lower costs and streamline business functions.

Reno or Sparks Nevada Fulfillment Centers

The Biggest Little City in the World is already a bustling mini Vegas. With 235,000 people there, it's not quite as competitive to find a 3PL somewhere in the area. Home of many 3PL fulfillment warehouses that have multiple warehouse locations, Reno/Sparks is a wonderful option for serving western United States orders.

Carson City for Fulfillment 

As the capital of Nevada, it's always worth trying Carson City as well. It's a very short drive away from the border of California, making it a good location if cornering Southern California markets.

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