Fulfillment Services Companies in Alaska

Fulfillment Services Companies in AlaskaThe largest and northernmost State in the United States, Alaska is unique in that much of the goods it processes at its many ports stay in the state to support its residents instead of traveling to other destinations. Things like food, clothing, office supplies, and snowmobiles are shipped to Alaska to stay in Alaska. The state also processes many exports, including petroleum and seafood products, all of which may need to be processed through a fulfillment service company at one point along their journey. As a result, Alaska has become a pro at Fulfillment services.

Anchorage, Alaska remains a major hub for processing cargo thanks to its major port, the Port of Alaska. However, the Port of Alaska is not the only port that processes cargo. Many other smaller ports may offer strategic locations within the state and may offer a cost savings due to their location. They may even offer the opportunity to get your goods processed faster.

Here are some top cities in Alaska that can help meet your fulfillment center needs.

Fulfillment Companies in Anchorage Alaska

Home to The Port of Alaska, approximately 74% of all water-transported cargo coming into South Central Alaska is processed through Anchorage, Alaska, making it an ideal location for your fulfillment services company. In fact, 90 percent of cargo headed to another major Alaskan city, Fairbanks, is processed through the Port of Alaska in Anchorage as well.  According to the Port of Alaska, they process over 100 million pounds of consumer goods each year, and 70 % of bypass mail shipments originate in the city of Anchorage, serving more than 250 Alaskan communities.

Anchorage and eastern Alaska is served by major roadways including Richardson Highway, Seward Highway, and Glenn Highway making trucking in these areas relatively easy for shipments to reach their destination. However, the same cannot be said for territory further north or west as roadways become sparse and inclement weather poses significant challenges eight months of the year.

Fulfillment Centers in Fairbanks, Alaska

Located inland, Fairbanks, Alaska has the second largest metropolitan population in the State of Alaska. The city serves as a port city, accessible by the Chena river, once the only way to access the city. Thanks to the gold rush, the city is also accessible by rail.

Due to these inland transportation options and the city’s proximity to the Port of Alaska in Anchorage, Fairbanks is an ideal city for your central and northern Alaska fulfillment services needs.

Juneau, Alaska Fulfillment Houses

The Port city of Juneau, Alaska is the State’s capital city and the second largest city in the United States by land area. Though the city has under 32,000 residents, it is still one of the most populous cities in the State.

Juneau’s location along the southern coast of Alaska makes it one of the first stops in the state for sea cargo. It’s proximity to inland British Columbia also makes reaching the city via land easier, and allows your goods to be both sent and received at the warehouse sooner. This can be especially advantageous for companies that ship internationally to Canada.

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