Fulfillment Services Companies in New Jersey (NJ)

New Jersey is an extremely popular place for companies to locate their fulfillment operations.

Port of Newark and Elizabeth Offers Great Access for Shipping

Fulfillment Companies New Jersey (NJ)

It doesn't get much bigger or more popular in terms of eastern US ports than the Port of Newark and the Port of Elizabeth. These ports, operated jointly by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, these ports serve as the main artery for shipping in and out of the Northeast US. In fact, It is the largest container port in the eastern US, and the third largest container port in the United States. Because of this volume, the costs of bringing inbound containers into the US is competitive, helping to ease some of the inbound freight costs.

A New Jersey Fulfillment Center may be Cost Competitive over New York

Many companies initially consider locating a fulfillment center in New York due to the large concentration of population and close proximity to major US populations. However, the costs of doing business can be significantly higher in New York - in particular the New York City area. Because of this, many companies choose to find a fulfillment center in close by and neighboring New Jersey. Labor costs and warehouse costs can be significantly lower, adding to the bottom line. And there are an assortment of fulfillment companies to choose from in this state, including Edison, Paterson, Newark, Jersey City, Elizabeth, Trenton, Brick, Teterboro, Lakewood, and Clifton, just to name a few. New Jersey is the perfect alternative since you're just a same-day's drive to New York City.

Newark NJ Fulfillment Services

One of the most famous cities in New Jersey is Newark, it's also one of the most important air, shipping, and rail hubs in the United States. This alone makes the city one of the most sought after for logistics.

Jersey City Fulfillment

Located in NE New Jersey, you have over a quarter of a million people living in Jersey City now. If you want to go local and capture customers strictly in the state, these cities can give you a good sampling of potential buyers.

Trenton NJ Fulfillment

It's worth looking into the capital city of New Jersey, though it's really one half of New York City. Trenton makes it easy to deliver items instantly into NYC, plus into Philadelphia to the SW.

Princeton NJ Fulfillment Warehouses 

The home of Princeton University is another good city to try. You're in position to reach the lower New York State regions from here, and you're only a day's drive to New York City.

What if a New Jersey Location Just Won't Do?

Sometimes, companies need to find fulfillment services, houses, companies, or centers closer to New York City. In that case, we can help you find the best company for your project in areas such as Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, or Long Island.

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