Fulfillment Services in Georgia

Georgia and Atlanta Fulfillment Services CompaniesGeorgia fulfillment providers are a great choice for companies looking to ship to Latin American markets, Gulf of Mexico ports and worldwide. It is also an ideal location for shipping to the continental United States, as well.

The state of Georgia has two major sea ports. One is located in Savannah, while the other is in Brunswick. The Port of Savannah moves more than 16 percent of the overseas container cargo for the East Coast. This may be due to the fact that Savanna is also one of the only ports in the U.S. with two Class 1 railroad facilities on-terminal. The Port of Brunswick is no slouch, either. It is rated as the 6th largest automobile processing port in the United States.

Georgia Fulfillment is a Green Choice

Shipping with a Georgia fulfillment center is a green choice, as well. The Georgia Ports Authority (GPA) won the Environmental Protection Agency recognition in 2014 for becoming a leader in reducing carbon emissions.

Atlanta Georgia is a Popular Southeast Fulfillment Center

Because of its location within the southeastern US, Atlanta Georgia is an extremely popular location for companies looking to distribute product within Georgia, Florida, Alabama, North and South Carolina. In fact, Atlanta serves as somewhat of a midpoint within the Southeastern U.S. region.

Savannah Fulfillment

A coastal Georgia city, you’re next to the Savannah River here, giving you access to shipping into the Atlantic. Those of you nurturing more foreign markets need to take advantage of sea ports to reach Europe and other regions.

Marietta Fulfillment

Northwest of Atlanta is Marietta, another popular city where you can find highly-reviewed fulfillment warehouses.