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Kentucky Fulfillment Companies

Kentucky's position makes it a great place to locate your shipping or fulfillment center. It is centrally located, making shipping to any part of the country faster than if your fulfillment center was located on the coast. It is also the home of a major shipping hub for UPS, FedEx and USPS. This insures that no matter what provider you use for your shipping, your packages will ship quickly because transport time isn't wasted. In addition, Kentucky's location is in close proximity to major U.S. populations, without all of the traffic and pollution that you may find in a more populated state. It's a great central place to reach many nearby states like Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, and Tennessee. Also, the logistics industry employs over 3% of the population there, making it an important part of their economy.

Louisville and Hebron – Some of the More Popular Areas in Kentucky

In terms of the most popular areas for fulfillment locations within the state of Kentucky are both Louisville as well as the Hebron/Florence Kentucky areas. Louisville, as the states most populated area, is home to the major hub for UPS – so merchants that ship using “Brown” will certainly benefit by injecting their shipments into their system within this city. However, there are other cities that have great fulfillment options, including some smaller cities that are closer to the Ohio border and Cincinnati in particular. For instance, both Florence and Hebron are home to a number of smaller and mid-sized fulfillment firms, offering some great options within close distance of the UPS shipping hub.

Lexington KY Fulfillment

Known as the horse capital of the world, you have 723,849 people in the area, making it a valuable market if focusing locally.

Frankfort KY Fulfillment

This is the capital of Kentucky, along with a fairly low population. It doesn't mean you couldn't use this area for a fulfillment center. Small cities are sometimes just as effective as the big cities.

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