Fulfillment Services: How to Choose the Best Company

What to Look for When Outsourcing Fulfillment

Making the best choice when it comes to fulfilment services requires some research. We want to help you make the most informed decision possible and see your company prosper and advance. We match our vendors based on the information you provide about your company so you know you are choosing from companies that have already been researched to suit your needs.  Members of our team who have previously run fulfillment companies suggest checking into the following areas:

  • Computer Systems

Try and get as much information as possible about the systems in place that ensure efficiency and customer service needs. When was their computer system last updated? Do they perform updates and maintenance on their systems frequently? Can they integrate with your shopping cart if applicable? What types of reporting is offered?

  • Warehouse Facility

Make sure the warehouse meets your needs. It is helpful to visit the facility if at all possible. Does it have the space required to handle the inventory?  Is the facility clean and well organized?

  • Employees

Ensure employees care about the quality of their work. This facility will be an extension of your business and are a link to your clients. Do the employees handle your merchandise with care? Are they well trained to avoid errors?

  • Location

Location is a critical factor when making a selection for fulfilment services. It’s usually a function of where your product is manufactured or procured and where your customers are located. Many companies unknowingly believe that it has to be located close to them. But keeping an open mind will open up avenues that could lead to increased performance, lower costs, and less headaches.

  • Experience

How much experience a company has is a critical factor for success. After years of experience and seeing a multitude of scenarios, fulfillment companies are better able to handle new challenges and operate more efficiently – which leads to lower costs of service. And don’t forget to ask for customer references!

We make it easy!

With the resources we provide you can be confident in your decision in fulfilment services partners. We will help in providing answers to these important questions and give you the ability to compare our carefully vetted partners until you know what choice is best for you, your company, and your clients.