Great Fulfillment and Warehousing Blogs to Read

Top Ten Fulfillment BlogsAs a fulfillment and logistics professional, part of your job includes staying up to date with the latest industry news and trends. Knowing about the latest best practices, tools or trends will help you stay competitive and could even give you an edge against your competitors.

Logistics and fulfillment are not topics you will hear much about unless you check industry-specific news sources.

Here are ten blogs you should add to your favorites, subscribe to or follow on social media to stay on top of the latest fulfillment and logistics news:

  • Logistics Viewpoints. This blog talks about industry trends and discusses eCommerce solutions to help you stay up to date with the latest tools. The case studies and posts about specific businesses are particularly helpful.
  • Supply Demand Chain. This blog is very comprehensive and covers topics that address issues you will encounter at different stages of the supply chain. Reading this blog is a good way to learn about influential players in this industry and you will find a good selection of industry-specific posts that address issues you won’t be able to read about on blogs with a more general approach.
  • Multi Channel Merchant. This is a very tech-oriented blog but the articles are accessible and will help you get a better idea of the new software and technologies that are shaping the fulfillment industry.
  • Logistics Management. This blog covers everything you need to know about the logistics and fulfillment industry. Every important topic is discussed in a very helpful and accessible manner.
  • LeanCor Blog. This is the perfect place to read about how the latest trends in the industry are influencing best practices. The information is very practical and will give you a helpful insight into best practices and how the latest industry trends should shape the way you do things.
  • CPG Logistics. This is a blog written by an industry professional for industry professionals. A lot of the posts discuss concrete issues and provide you with tips on relevant problems, such as managing your costs.
  • Food Logistics. Most blogs about fulfillment and logistics focus on topics and issues that are common to every business. However, handling specific products like food products means some of the challenges you encounter are not shared by other industries.
  • Women And Logistics. This is an interesting blog because it looks at the world of logistics and fulfillment from the point of view of women. This is a must-read if you need some career advice or are curious about what working in this industry is like for women.
  • Supply Chain Brain’s Think Tank. Supply Chain Brain is a must-read publication if you work in logistics or fulfillment. The Think Tank blog is a collection of articles written by experts who share their thoughts on the latest trends.
  • Logistics Of Logistics. If you have time to read only one blog, this is the one you should check. This blog covers absolutely every aspect of the industry and will provide you with some very helpful insight.

New technologies and challenges are constantly reshaping the world of fulfillment and logistics. Whether you work in this field or use a third-party service to handle this aspect of your business, staying up to date with the latest trends and being aware of the best practices you should follow to remain competitive will definitely give you an advantage.

These ten blogs are excellent sources of information since they are written by industry experts who use their own experience and knowledge to discuss new trends and share advice on how to adapt. Reading these blogs is also a good way to educate yourself about every aspect of this industry if you are fairly new or are in the process of selecting a third-party fulfillment service.

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