How to Differentiate from the 800 Pound Gorilla (Amazon): E-commerce Tools Can Help You Grow?

Alternatives to AmazonDifferentiation is a keyword every business should get to know, because it’s so essential in a time when competition is more intense than ever. No matter what business you’re in, it’s likely you have someone else doing or selling the same thing. Whether it’s on an international, national, or local basis, you have to compete with these other businesses every day with e-commerce.

The question is, do you have decent e-commerce tools to help you carve out a unique identity? Branding needs to become top priority in the new year if you think you can still attract business using mere basics.

Unfortunately, you’re at risk of just blending in with everyone else if you stick to overly simple e-commerce features.

Here’s how to differentiate from the 800 pound gorilla (e.g. Amazon), and how e-commerce tools can help you grow.

Using HubSpot

There isn’t any question that HubSpot is the leading e-commerce tool in the world. It helps you with numerous aspects in your online business (including SEO and marketing). This platform also helps differentiate yourself with their marketing tools, including setting up a valuable CRM to connect with customers in new ways.

You can’t do without a customer relationship management program. Not only can you communicate with customers in real-time, you’ll connect with others in your inner circle. You can include your fulfillment center in the mix to keep updated on logistics being up to customer expectations.


Here’s an e-commerce tool you’ve perhaps never heard of, yet can help you differentiate yourself better than any other. One reason Ometria is so popular is it customizes your e-commerce to individual shoppers for a more personalized tactic.

It’s also one of the best out there for metrics, giving you more thorough analysis of what makes each customer tick. Having this available helps you differentiate based on individuals rather than just catering to a faceless crowd.

Also known as retention software, you’ll be able to retain loyal customers easier by providing them with their own preferred way to shop.


Many consider this clever-named e-commerce tool nearly identical to Ometria above. Really, it’s apples and oranges between Jirafe and Ometria. While you’ll find some small differences, Jirafe’s strongest feature is its consumer intelligence system, giving you supreme analytics on what customers buy.

Being able to have this at your fingertips lets you create your own customized e-commerce plan, as well as ways to create sales offers you know can resonate.

As you see, many e-commerce tools take analytics seriously since the more you know about consumers, the more you get into their heads on what they want.


As yet another tool you’ve perhaps overlooked, this one relates directly to better managing your inventory. You can work with your fulfillment center easier using TradeGecko since it keeps a perfect track record of your inventory as you sell items.

No doubt you’ve experienced some discrepancies with your fulfillment center in the past about how much inventory you have left during critical sale events. TradeGecko updates your inventory in real-time so you won’t need to make last-second phone calls to the warehouse asking about what’s left.


With eShopWorld, you get another customized e-commerce tool allowing you to present more detailed data on products you sell. More precisely, it lets you list prices in different international currencies to aid your international customers. Plus, it shows the buyer their exact shipping charges, as well as any taxes or other fees they need to pay.

Providing more detail about what people are going to buy brings transparency to your business, as well as more trust.

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