How to Reduce Delivery Issues While Keeping Your Customers Happy

Delivery issuesThe old term “I want it yesterday” is a statement perhaps sounding contrived, yet it’s a possible motto of the 21st century when it comes to package deliveries. Each ensuing year, consumers want their packages faster than ever to accommodate heavy demands, especially around the holidays.

While the big league players like Amazon have done a lot to speed up logistics (including same-day deliveries…for a price), you’re seeing many small to mid-sized businesses do the same.

It’s something to think about through this holiday season, though it needs maintaining all year. As a still-growing business, do you know how to reduce delivery issues and keep your customers happy? Even if you’ve mastered the art of quicker delivery times, other issues can certainly develop.

You may get some customer complaints about things you can’t always control directly. Yet, the important thing is to keep communicated with your fulfillment center, including working with one if you’re attempting logistics alone.

Typical Problems With Package Delivery Issues

No doubt you experienced some issues while delivering packages this holiday season. Typical complaints to delivery companies usually hovers around parcels being left out in the rain, or left in view of neighbors.

If this happened to some of your deliveries, did you manage to package it well enough so the product wouldn’t get ruined in the rain? What methods did you take to prevent any theft of the package?

We all know package thieves are a big problem in recent years due to deliverers leaving those items on people’s doorsteps.

These are the major hurdles you need to overcome to keep customers loyal, and before they go to a competitor already solving package delivery problems.

Communicating With Your Fulfillment Center

Unfortunately, far too many businesses don’t keep up communication with their fulfillment centers out of thought the latter can operate autonomously. It’s important to know exactly what’s occurring there every day and not assume management is going to follow procedures you expect.

First, it’s time to find a fulfillment center if you’re attempting package deliveries on your own. Maybe if you’re a very small business, doing logistics on your own can work for a while. Once growth occurs (sometimes overnight), you’re going to realize handling deliveries alone is going to become too overwhelming.

Working closely with a fulfillment center is essential because they’re a direct extension of your business. Visit in person, or keep real-time communication going every day to assure deliveries go out on time and get fulfilled the right way.

Providing More Transparency With Customers

Receiving customer complaints about a package not arriving or taking too long can become painful when they start piling up. Many recommend prepaid shipping services online to reduce chances of a package going missing.

Another recommendation is to provide complete transparency to customers in regards to shipping time and arrival. Tracking services pinpoint exactly where a package is to perhaps find it if it turns up missing.

Finding Alternative Places to Deliver a Package

Some customers may feel nervous about you delivering a package at your door. Provide other delivery options to give customers a choice. Even delivery to a P.O. Box can become a good alternative to customers who want to assure their package won’t end up being swiped.

Using standard USPS delivery can also bring safer deliveries. In some places (like apartments or duplexes), the USPS has multiple lock boxes for packages to assure safety.

Most importantly, you need a quality fulfillment center before any of the above can work efficiently.

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