New Hampshire Fulfillment Services Companies

New Hampshire Fulfillment Services Companies The little Northeast state of New Hampshire provides a good fulfillment center location for businesses looking for a hub in Canadian, East Coast and Northern distribution. New Hampshire is located near many major U.S. cities, such as New York City, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Boston and boarders Quebec, Canada. Many Canadian companies find that New Hampshire is a good option for locating a U.S. distribution arm.

The state specializes in the manufacturing of machinery, electric equipment, rubber and plastic products and is a low cost alternative to other states. Lower manufacturing prices are due to no general sales tax and no personal state income tax. In fact, the number one reason that companies choose to use a fulfillment center in New Hampshire is due to the fact that it is a no sales tax state.

New Hampshire also has the Port of Portsmouth on the Piscataqua River for seaport shipping needs. This medium-sized port specializes in freight shipment and submarine repair.

Finding the Right New Hampshire City

It's time to look at some cities in NH that could help you reach specific markets faster than others. You may find a lot of these city names familiar, despite never visiting the state.

Manchester Fulfillment Warehouses 

You'll find Manchester along the Merrimack River in the southern part of NH. This gives you another mode of delivery when roads, rail, or air aren't readily available.

Located in the middle of the state, you're not far away from major New England cities like Boston and Portland, Maine.

Concord Fulfillment Companies

The capital city of New Hampshire is one with a rich history and well over 42,000 people. Just because "smaller" cities like this may seem insignificant, don't discount them for logistics strategy or in finding a warehouse.

Nashua Fulfillment Centers

With over 86,000 people in Nashua, you're in the central section of NH again, enabling you to reach Boston in one day.

Portsmouth Fulfillment Services

As a port city along the Piscataqua River, you can ship items out to the Atlantic to reach European markets. A city with a lower population, this can become a strategic area if you want to ship out beyond the U.S.

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