Outsourcing Fulfillment

Outsourcing Fulfillment

Knowing when to outsource your fulfillment needs is a concern for many growing small businesses. Growth shouldn’t be hanging over your head like a veritable challenge. If you are spending much of your time worrying about needs in shipping, storage space and infrastructure, manpower, inventory, ability of you or your current employees, and time from order to delivery it is time to look into outsourcing fulfillment. All of this time being spent in this area may be causing you to miss sales or more strategic opportunities.

Using a fulfillment company allows you focus on you daily operations, customer service, and managing your other duties. It frees up time spent on mundane tasks to pursue even more growth which makes any company more profitable. Growth of your business should be a positive experience not a major concern.

Partnering with a fulfillment vendor also affords you instant access to knowledgeable experts who are ready to help. This keeps you from having to look for and pay a wage for possibly less experienced in-house fulfillment employees. You also won’t have to be concerned about infrastructure growth and spending to have more storage and inventory system updates. You also will usually get the added benefit of discounted packaging supplies and freight expenses with outsourcing fulfillment.

You can pick the location of your vendor to help expand your customer base and have more buyers. When a vendor is close to your customers, they are usually able to get faster shipping and more economical shipping cost over a larger area.

If your business capacity is hurting business growth it is time to look into outsourcing to a quality fulfillment company. It could be the best option for your clients and your business.

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