PCI Compliant Fulfillment Companies: The Requirements Needed for Secure E-Commerce

PCI Compliant Fulfillment CompaniesPerhaps you’ve been researching PCI compliant fulfillment companies lately because you’re planning to use an e-commerce shopping cart for your online business. Since you want the fulfillment center to take responsibility for this, you know they’ll have to adhere to strict regulations.

During your research, you likely found out that not all fulfillment centers have PCI compliance, simply because they don’t want to deal with payment processing regulations. If you want them to take control in your business’s e-commerce, though, the fulfillment center has to prove their PCI adherence.

PCI, incidentally, is short for “PCI DSS”, which stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

As with all regulations, PCI requirements are strict and varied. While we always stress the importance in vetting warehouses before you work with them, it’s necessary to check whether they’re adhering to proper principles.

Let’s look at what’s required for PCI regulations and why you need thorough vetting to make sure your fulfillment center takes each aspect seriously.

A Strong and Maintained Network

One of the first major requirements is having a network that’s built strong and regularly maintained. This means having protective tools in place to prevent unexpected shutdowns or chances for hacking. Technology like firewalls are mandatory to protect personal financial information from customers.

Also mandated is the fulfillment center can’t use defaults for passwords and other areas of security. With strong passwords a major element in keeping workplaces secure lately, you have to make sure your warehouse isn’t lax in online security.

Since PCI compliance protects against fraud, securing a network is just the starting place for what’s needed.

Further Protecting Cardholder Data

Other requirements for protecting cardholders include developing security methods on all stored card data. Whether it means using the cloud with secure monitoring, the warehouse has to show proof their cardholder information isn’t easily accessible by anyone.

Encryption is mandatory as well, especially when transmitting cardholder data across public networks.

Vulnerability Management Programs

PCI compliance means your fulfillment center has to audit their vulnerabilities and find ways to keep those things from bringing downtime. Disasters can always happen, but proper planning and technology keeps the warehouse running for the sake of your brand’s reputation.

Some of this entails using anti-virus protection to protect against online threats. It additionally means creating secure systems and applications that aren’t just sitting ducks to the myriad cyber threats potentially shutting businesses down in an instant.

Control Measures

Do you really know who has access to cardholder data in your fulfillment center? PCI compliance demands they have control measures in place to assure physical access so private data stays limited. In addition, each employee who’s allowed access needs to carry unique ID so there isn’t any attempt at sabotage or theft.

Monitoring and Testing Their Network

Without regular monitoring and testing, situations could occur at the worst possible times. Regular monitoring of the fulfillment center’s network is essential to catch problems as they occur. It’s the same with recurring testing to check for further potential issues and prepare for natural disasters (and disaster response) when the unexpected happens.

A Policy on Information Security

When you’re considering working with a warehouse, ask them to show you their information security policy in writing. They’re supposed to do this based on PCI rules, and it needs updating at least once a year to prove they’re aren’t getting too complacent.

Since you’ll be working with your fulfillment center for likely years, you don’t want any angle becoming overlooked with assumption everything can keep running on automatic pilot.

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