The Best Fulfillment Services Companies in Alabama

The Best Fulfillment Services in AlabamaPartnering with a fulfillment company to meet the needs of your consumer base is a weighty decision. You want to ensure that your fulfillment service provider is in the same geographic vicinity as your target demographic, if at all possible. Moreover, you want a partner that has the logistical infrastructure already in place.

If your company is focused on consumer demographics in the state of Alabama, then there are several fulfillment centers that you may want to investigate as potential business partners. The following information consists of a list of major cities in Alabama, and why you may decide to partner with a fulfillment company in each region.

Fulfillment Vendors in Mobile, Alabama

Mobile was founded in 1702. It has a population of approximately 200,000 and contains a regional and national airport. Located on the Gulf Coast, Mobile is Alabama's premier port city.

If your company is involved with international shipping, then fulfillment centers in Mobile, Alabama offer an excellent match for location and convenience.

Fulfillment Services in Montgomery, Alabama

Founded in 1819, Montgomery is the capital city of Alabama, and currently has a population of over 205,000 people. It is located in roughly the middle of the state, less than 2 hours away from Columbus, Georgia.

If a significant portion of your consumer demographic consists of Alabama residents, then Montgomery would be an excellent base of operations for your fulfillment partner. Its centrally-situated position means that order fulfillment lead times throughout the state could remain relatively consistent, with similar lead times no matter which city is the target destination. In fact, Montgomery is less than 4 hours away from almost any other location in Alabama.

Even companies that have a geographically broad consumer base may find that Montgomery fits hand in glove with their business plan, since access to Georgia, Tennessee, and Mississippi territory is not very far away from Alabama's capital.

Order Fulfillment Companies in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Birmingham is the most populated city in the state of Alabama, with some 210,000 residents. It is the seat of Jefferson County, Alabama's most populous and 5th-largest county. It is located about 90 miles north of Montgomery.

Birmingham is a wonderful location for an order fulfillment base in Alabama. At least four major highways intersect at Birmingham: Interstate 20, 22, 59, and 65. In addition, Birmingham is less than 2 1/2 hours away from Atlanta, Georgia to the east. As a departure point for over-the-road order deliveries, Birmingham is hard to beat. Moreover, Birmingham contains one of Alabama's two international airports, making it an exceptional hub for air shipping as well.

To the west of Birmingham, Tuscaloosa is located on the Black Warrior River. It is the 5th-largest city in Alabama, by population.

Tuscaloosa offers many of the same logistical advantages that Birmingham does, but is situated a little closer to the Mississippi border, and major cities to the west, such as Jackson. While Tuscaloosa does not have a major airport, it too would be an excellent choice for fulfillment vendors that deal with interstate orders.

Fulfillment Services in Huntsville, Alabama

Huntsville is Alabama's northernmost major city. It was founded in 1805 and is located in Alabama's Appalachian region. It has a population of almost 200,000.

Huntsville is very close to the Tennessee border to the north. In fact, it is only 112 miles (about a 2 hours' drive) from Nashville, Tennessee. Thus, Huntsville is an excellent fit for fulfillment companies that target residents of both Alabama and its northerly neighbor. It is home to a top fulfillment provider Fulfyld

In addition, Huntsville contains the other major international airport in Alabama, making it a very attractive location for fulfillment companies that deal with international shipping via air deliveries.

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