Top Places Companies are Searching for Fulfillment Services: Regions, States, and Cities

U.s. Population - Map Of Most Populated StatesHow fast you get your products out to targeted customers all hinges on fulfillment center location. While the best facilities usually move products quickly across the country, being closer to customers helps deliver packages hours earlier.

Even so, it’s worth keeping in mind a good location isn’t always about delivery. Having your fulfillment center closer to your business makes it easier to visit them and keep communication going. Far too many businesses think fulfillment can work autonomously without interaction, but it only leads to confusion.

Here at insightQuote, we recently studied the top places companies search for fulfillment services. We found most of the searches became segmented by region, state, and city.

Searching by Region

We get many requests through our site for where the best fulfillment centers are, and we strive to provide answers based on our expert research. You’ll find some interesting results on which regions many businesses prefer.

In many cases, we pinpointed the East Coast as the top place, seemingly because of the higher populations there. However, when you look at east coast based fulfillment facilities, they mention the Port of New York/New Jersey as being the second largest port in the nation. This automatically gives you access to the world’s biggest consumer markets.

Beyond the east coast, though, we found the Central U.S. being the second choice. As much as you might think the central portion of the U.S. is too far away from ports, consider many major highways connecting to the west and east originate in the Midwest.

The last regional choice was the West Coast, despite the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach being the busiest in the entire country.

Most telling: the largest percentage of businesses indicated they had no special preference for region and would consider any place.

Searching By State

CaliforniaIt turns out California is the top state searched for in finding fulfillment centers. Mention of the top ports above are obviously a major factor, though also consider highways like I-5 extend the entire length of the west coast. This allows fast deliveries by truck up to Oregon and Washington State.

New Jersey is second with proximity to the #2 port mentioned above. Plus, being close to New York opens a huge market without having to reside directly in the state.

We found Florida as the third most searched state, most likely because it’s a direct conduit to Central America, South America, and the Caribbean.

Texas was fourth thanks to being centrally located within the country, and being close to Mexico for cornering more outside markets.

Searching By City

fulfillment services companies near los angeles californiaIt’s no surprise that Los Angeles turned up as #1 in our studies on city searches. As one of the most thriving fulfillment cities on the entire west coast, it’s within close distance to the most important California ports.

Chicago is second with direct routing right into the Midwest, while not being far from major east coast markets (as well as Canada)/.

Dallas/Fort Worth is third as an example of how popular Texas is for being so centrally located.

Then you have Miami at #4. It’s a major hub for the entire east coast and the other Americas without obstructions to reaching those markets quickly.

With all this information available to you, it gives you some guideposts to go on when searching for a fulfillment center now or in the coming year. Contact us at insightQuote where we connect businesses with thoroughly screened warehouses and fulfillment facilities meeting specific company needs.

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