Unreturned Items and the Impact it Could Have On Your Business

Unreturned itemsReturns are inevitable from consumers in a time when customers want specific items to help them solve problems. Not all products you sell are going to please everyone, though how easy do you make it for returns?

You may not know that over a fifth of all consumers surveyed said they were too busy to return an unwanted item to an online store. In many cases, they didn’t bother to return it because they thought the returns process was too complex and time-consuming.

When this happens, it’s usually due to realizing your returns process is too protracted. This only leads to customers thinking you make all returns too complicated to bother. Unfortunately, this usually results in the customer not shopping with your online store again.

You might experience other negative things until you streamline how you do returns. Here’s more on unreturned items and the impact it could have on your business.

Bad Feedback From Customers

Because online reviews are so common over the last few years, you can’t afford to ignore what people say about you. Having an inconvenient return policy could backfire and end up being mentioned in online feedback.

When you start getting numerous comments like this, it’s impossible to stop them. With excessive complaints about your returns process, it could lead to new prospects moving on to your competitors where returns are easier.

Places like Yelp make negative comments widely seen, so the impact can become far-reaching into the future. However, you can respond to them and indicate you’re changing things.

Word Spreading About Faulty Products

If you make returns too complex, it’s more apt to spread other negative word about your business. Namely, it could lead to customers being more open about how bad the product was. Perhaps the biggest problem is you’re selling faulty products, something you’ll keep repeating if not amending returns and internal quality inspections.

When a customer can simply return the item and receive a good product, they maybe won’t mention the faultiness. They’ll figure it’s an anomaly, especially when you can make the “return and replace” process fast.

Losing Communication With Loyal Customers

Another bad scenario is if many of your loyal customers start complaining about your products because they aren’t getting what they really want. During these moments, you should realize you’re losing regular communication with those most loyal to you.

Communicating regularly with your most loyal customers can help you find out what they really want so you don’t have to deal with so many returns. However, making returns easy for them is essential since it’s basically another form of communication.

An efficient returns system usually collects information about what the problem was with the product, why the customer returned it, and how many returns you’re receiving. These metrics help give you information you need to improve your products, provide what customers want, and continually streamlines how you process returns.

Placing Your Fulfillment Center in Jeopardy

Since the fulfillment center is where returns take place, not properly processing returns there could lead to the warehouse losing their credibility in the marketplace. All of this may snowball and become a problem for them and you if you don’t change things as soon as possible.

What’s important is to stay communicated with your fulfillment center to work out an excellent returns policy. It’s time to make this work as quickly as possible on a level you see in major corporate stores. Mimic their simple returns packaging, as well as easier return forms.

Contact us at insightQuote so we can help you find a quality fulfillment center with pain-free return processes.

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