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Fulfillment Companies in Virginia

Virginia fulfillment has several advantages over other locations. Primarily, this state is a good choice for companies looking to serve the East Coast or ship to other countries.

Virginia has one intermodal container transfer facility and four marine terminals. The ports are named after their location. There is the APM Terminals Virginia at Portsmouth, Portsmouth Marine Terminal, Norfolk International Terminals, Newport News Marine Terminal, and the Virginia Inland Port. Virginia shipping ports has two major Class 1 railroads serving the ports for your shipping needs. Speaking of shipping, Virginia is very close to FedEx, UPS and USPS shipping hubs as well as large U.S. populations.

Norkfolk and Richmond Virginia Fulfillment Companies

The state of Virginia has a couple of hotbeds when it comes to fulfillment providers – namely Norfolk (for its port) and Richmond. Both of these cities offer tremendous choices for finding a quality logistics firm, as there are a multitude of companies with headquarters in these areas. Some other cities that deserve some attention include Roanoke, and Virginia Beach.

Despite being a tech hub, Richmond has a lot of fulfillment centers that cater to many types of industries. Keep in mind bigger cities like Richmond are often very competitive, so it perhaps shouldn't become your first choice. Other nearby cities have just as many choices.

And if you need an alternative for Norfolk or Chesapeake, Virginia Beach is a good alternative. You're also a short drive from the ocean so you can ship things to European markets you need to focus on. Being in a city like Virginia Beach along the Atlantic Ocean gives you access to ports so you can ship items overseas.

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