What to Do After the Holidays When Sales Slow: Attracting Business After Peak Sales

After holiday sale conceptThe holidays arrived in a flash, and now they’re just as hurriedly over. Currently, your business may face an inevitable problem happening to many others: A slowdown in sales.

Once the holidays end, businesses like yours frequently reach peak sales and then face a significant drought for a while after. This often extends into the first of the new year until usually recovering for early spring holidays.

So do you know what to do after the holidays when sales slow? It’s time to realize those slowdowns don’t have to happen with e-commerce businesses like yours. You’ll want to look for some new ideas to bring people in the week following Christmas, and on through January.

Fortunately, you’ll find numerous ways to accomplish this, giving you and your fulfillment company plenty to do to keep your successful momentum going.

Targeted Post-Christmas Sales

It’s a smart idea to keep track of all the purchases made by your most loyal customers during the holiday season. Big data can keep track of this information and help categorize it into an easily accessible database.

These are the people you can count on to come back in and buy something from you during post-holiday periods. However, since you understand what their buying habits are, you can provide a new after-Christmas sale on products you know they’ll want.

This almost always works well since consumers continuously want to buy year-round if they’re enticed with a good deal. Just work close with your fulfillment center so you’re sure you won’t run out of stock on your sale items.

Using Autoresponders in Email Marketing

One reason consumers don’t always buy immediately after Christmas is because stores cut off all communication until the next holiday emerges. Why stop your marketing emails for two months, just because you think customers feel tired of shopping?

Keep those emails going with autoresponder technology. Through automation, you can time numerous emails to engage your most loyal customers. A good way to approach this is to send automated emails asking questions, like inquiring how they like the product they bought from you.

While sending these every week after the holidays, suggest similar products to what they bought. Despite automation being a time-saver, consider writing personal emails as well to bring a more personal connection, at least with those most loyal to you.

Asking Loyal Customers to Do Testimonials

Keeping engagement going with customers is obviously important, though you might want to do some creative moves to enhance communication. One great method is to get customers involved in doing testimonials about your products.

Letting them do this on video works similarly to brand advocates where they post content in your name on social media. Through testimonials, you’ll engage your loyal customers with a creative activity while convincing new people to start shopping with you immediately after the holidays.

Creating New Products

When you start a new product line the week after Christmas, you can start a brand new marketing campaign and interest. While it does pose a new challenge working with your fulfillment center, it gives you a chance to stay closer to them and work out new strategies for shipping.

The best thing about rolling out new products is you can easily line yourself up for further sales for other holidays after the first of the year. Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day sales are only weeks away after New Year’s. Rather than having nothing set up then, you’ll have something useful at the ready.

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